Why use QuickBooks Merchant Services?

Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services is made to work with QuickBooks Accounting software and is fully integrated into the system.

It is by far the easiest and most efficient way to accept customer credit card and debit card payments.

It is what we use as a company, and we have for years.  We started with another processor and we felt nickeled and dimed by them.  Random amounts seemed to always be deducted from our bank, with no obvious explanation.  Statements were also difficult to read.  Once we started with QBMS, it streamlined our process and was much more straightforward.

External credit card processors make your bookkeeping work unnecessarily time consuming because they require double entry, with records residing outside of QuickBooks.

In addition, many charge hidden fees, making it seem like it’s a better deal, but on closer inspection, it’s not. For accurate and efficient bookkeeping, nobody can match QuickBooks Payments.

There is a system for taking payments every way you do business. This includes taking payments over the phone, customer entered payments (e-payments, i.e. e-checks and cards) when sending invoices. Options also include swiping in person, Apple pay, swiping with your phone or tablet, reoccurring payments and more.

If you are using Square, and use QuickBooks software, QuickBooks Merchant Services is specially made to work with your accounting system.  Plus, the rates are very competitive, often beating the competition.

There is no long term commitment and you can cancel at any time.

I encourage you to get a free, no obligation quote from our Intuit rep. Most people can save not only time, but also money.

Just give us a call at: 612-868-2800 or send an email to us at: sales@fiscalfoundations.com, and we will have our Intuit Merchant Services/Payments Rep reach out to you. Our rep will work hard to make sure you are getting the best possible deal.

Contact us with any questions you may have.

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