Why is my Intuit Field Service Management unable to take payments in the field?

Why is my Field Service Management unable to take Intuit Merchant Services Payments?

Intuit has turned off the sync for Intuit Merchant Services inside of Field Service Management.



The Merchant Services issue has been resolved.  All customers integrating IFSM with Intuit Merchant Services should now be back online and able to process credit card payments in the field.  Please let your customers know and if any are experiencing any additional issues have them contact Corrigo Support.


Here are the recommendations from Corrigo:


IFSM Merchant Services Sync and Credit card processing – Connection tickets required for the IFSM and QB Merchant Services sync are no longer being issued for new accounts and have been turned off for existing customers by Intuit as of this week. As a result of this, IFSM no longer integrates with QBMS or any other mobile payment platform (Go Payment, Square, etc.). Customers will need to use some other credit card processing merchant (GoPayment, Square, etc.) to accept credit card payments in the field. The invoice will sync to QB as unpaid and will need to be reconciled with the payment on account to clear the invoice. This has been escalated to Intuit to let them know it’s a significant impact to our customers but, we don’t expect their decision to discontinue the connection ticket to be overturned.

Workflow Tips:
If taking payment in the field, modify the Work Done description to indicate successful payment (this information will sync and appear on the invoice inside QB).
If taking payment in the field, create a work order custom field called “paid in field” (Cash, Check, Credit Card), and have the tech update this if payment was taken.
Refer to QuickBooks: Refer customers to the QuickBooks Payment Team if they wish to discuss possible options.
Phone Number: 800-348-0254
Website: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-us?product=quickbooks-payments

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