What is the difference between Enhanced and Assisted Payroll?


Intuit Enhanced Payroll and Assisted Payroll are the two versions of Payroll available from Intuit for QuickBooks.

It works with all desktop accounting software versions which include: Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

QBO (QuickBooks online) has its own lineup of payroll products which I will cover in another blog.

Intuit Enhanced Payroll is an inexpensive payroll solution, providing updated tax tables and online forms. Some users want to have more control over when the money leaves their account for taxes, and Enhanced delivers. It’s a good option for those who are well-versed in payroll and certain about meeting all tax filing deadlines. I sincerely believe that business owners should do what they do well and outsource the rest. If payroll is not your thing, take my advice and move to Assisted.

Intuit Assisted Payroll is similar in services and is priced on-par with other large payroll providers like ADP and Paychex. Assisted has the added benefit of being both comprehensive and fully integrated with QuickBooks – easily beating any competition on that front. It works with up to 250 employees and handles multi-state, should that be a need. This makes it easy for anyone to run and manage payroll. Include T-Sheets (online time tracking), and you have a well-oiled payroll machine with less data entry and better accuracy.

The primary difference between them is that with Assisted Payroll, Intuit files and pays the payroll taxes on your behalf. Not only is this convenient, time-saving and efficient, you don’t have to remember due dates or fill out forms.

With Enhanced Payroll, you are responsible to file and pay your own payroll taxes; the liability falling to you and your business. Intuit guarantees that when you have Assisted Payroll, you will not get tax penalties. Payroll tax penalties can be very expensive if you miss the deadlines or make errors. For this reason alone, I most often recommend Assisted payroll.

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  1. Mike Herman on December 31, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    Is QuickBooks Assisted Payroll still being offered to be run on Enterprise Solutions 23.0? Or is Enhanced Payroll the only other option?

    Mike Herman, CFO
    Liberty Health, LLC

    • Angela Lee on January 9, 2023 at 10:55 am

      Yes, We as a QuickBooks Solutions Provider can still sell and offer Assisted Payroll for Desktop.

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