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Tips to Simplify Your Bookkeeping

  • ALWAYS back up your accounting data file, daily or weekly.
  • Print your checks.
  • Direct Deposit and email paystubs.
  • Print deposit summaries to attach to bank receipts.
  • Get online access to bank accounts and credit card statements.
  • Pay all payroll taxes online.
  • Use bill pay through bank account.
  • Email invoices/statements to customers.
  • Routinely send out W-9′s to subcontractors before year end.
  • Make up and post a schedule of tax deadlines for all taxes and forms.
  • Organize pending files for payables and receivables by name.
  • Organize paid invoices/check stubs and file by customer name.
  • Organize paid bills/check stubs and file by vendor name.
  • Organize personnel files by employee name.
  • Create payroll tax files for each type of tax: 941, State withholding, 940, SUI.
  • Use Smead Viewable tabs for your files (You can see them from any direction – top, side, back).
  • File with your newest transaction in front.
  • Box up, label and store each year’s files after tax returns have been filed.
  • If you find that doing your own bookkeeping is frustrating, confusing, or too time consuming – outsource it.

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