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How Long Should I Keep Paper Documents?

Just because you have entered your data into QuickBooks, doesn’t mean you can throw away the paper copies.  You are obligated to keep them.  It’s important to know how long you should keep your paper documents. Here’s a great website with a complete list of documents and how long they should be kept.

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The Cheat Sheet for Debits and Credits

The “Cheat Sheet” for Debits and Credits by Linda Logan, Partner/President/Founder of Fiscal Foundations LLC Asset accounts have debit balances. Debits increase Asset accounts. Credits decrease Asset accounts. Liability accounts have credit balances. Credits increase Liability Accounts. Debits decrease Liability Accounts. Equity accounts have credit balances. Credits increase Equity Accounts. Debits decrease Equity Accounts. Income…

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Exciting New Online Training Program Is Coming In 2013!

To extend the reach of our training programs and services, Linda is developing a complete online curriculum in small business accounting for business owners and their staffs. The program will be divided into single topic modules to allow individualized customization. We’ll start with a basic training package and then add special topics like job costing…

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