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Fiscal Foundations is pleased to volunteer our staff trainers to deliver QuickBooks workshops for SCORE in Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you’re considering seeking advice on any business topic, SCORE offers free consulting to small businesses. We heartily recommend their services. Money is still tight in this economy, but several Minnesota banks are willing to offer SBA loans. According to Loren Herbst, our friend and associate from SCORE, Anchor Bank ranks 6th with 6l SBA loans in 11 months ending August, 2010. 21st Century Bank ranks 14th and has made 31 SBA loans, and Unity Bank ranks 19th and has made 23 SBA loans. In our experience, smaller community banks are more small business friendly. If you would like to get in touch with SCORE, call us for a contact name and number or check their websites: or We can help with financial reports, projections and business plans if you’re considering applying for a loan.

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