QuickBooks Setup and Customization

On Site QuickBooks Setup and Customization
If you are in our regular coverage area, we’ll be happy to come out to your location, then setup and customize your QuickBooks file.

We will learn all about your business and design a Chart of Accounts that is unambiguous, complete, and suits the unique features of your company or organization. We want you to get the most out of your QuickBooks data.

In that spirit, we suggest that you make a wish-list of all of the things you would like to track and the reports you would like to see.  We can then setup your system accordingly.  If you are not sure, we’ll have that discussion together and make suggestions as we go along.

Off Site QuickBooks Setup and Customization
If you are out of our regular coverage area, we can still setup and customize your QuickBooks file. It’s simple! Just fill out the Company Information Interview telling us about your company. We’ll set up your QuickBooks® file, and then call you to discuss and further customize the file to your particular needs.

Setup will include:

  • Company information screen
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Items list of your products and services
  • 1099 vendors
  • Employee list
  • Users and passwords
  • Customized invoice template
  • Customer and vendor profile lists
  • Class list
  • Custom-designed internal management reports
  • Memorized transactions
  • Payroll set up (Payroll subscription is an extra charge) – Optional
  • Other special features we recommend for your unique business
  • Customized Icon Bar with forms, lists, tasks and reports you’ll most frequently use.

Offsite New Company Set Up/Customization/Installation Coaching – $399

To order…

  1. Call us at: 612-235-3435 requesting New Company File Setup. We will process your VISA/Mastercard payment and email you a New Company Questionnaire.
  2. Complete the Questionnaire and email it to info@fiscalfoundations.com.
  3. One of our QuickBooks Consultants will set up your QuickBooks® file based on the information in your Questionnaire.
  4. The QuickBooks Consultant will call you to ask additional questions to tailor your QuickBooks file to your specific needs for tracking and reporting your company’s performance.
  5. You will confirm the version of QuickBooks® that is installed on your computer.
  6. The QuickBooks Consultant will email your file to you with instructions for restoring your file.
  7. The QuickBooks Consultant will call you to confirm you received your file and are able to access your data. S/he will provide coaching to help you do this if necessary.

If you need QuickBooks® software, indicate the version you prefer (we can recommend one that is right for you) and we’ll have it shipped direct to you at a great discount.  Please call for a quote.

We also recommend signing up for our Ask a QuickBooks Expert Phone Support Hotline.

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