Off Site Bookkeeping Services

At Fiscal Foundations, we understand your desire to focus your time and attention on growing your business and your critical need for accurate and timely financial information on how your business is performing.

If on-site bookkeeping isn’t a convenient option for you, we can still provide you all the same benefits through our off-site option.  We can even offer you complete visiblity of your file without paying for a subscription to the online version of QuickBooks.

Will Off Site Bookkeeping Work for You?

Off-site bookkeeping may be a viable option if you–

  • Have a relatively simple small business that doesn’t require a lot of bookkeeping
  • Do not have daily sales transactions that must be recorded in QuickBooks
  • Have an industry-specific billing system
  • Lack office space or computer equipment to accommodate a bookkeeper’s work
  • Want to save personnel costs and avoid management responsibilities and liabilities
  • Do not have or know how to use QuickBooks software
  • Want off-site backup and security for your QuickBooks file
  • Need payroll processing
  • Have customers who want to pay by credit card
  • Want your CPA to receive routine financial statements

A number of years ago, when I was a partner and CFO for a management consulting company, I engaged the services of an off-site bookkeeping company. I could have easily done the bookkeeping myself, but needed to spend my time working with clients and developing our products and business. Unlike Fiscal Foundations, the bookkeeping service I hired didn’t offer an on-site bookkeeping alternative. My experience was completely unsatisfactory because the only information I received each month was a standard financial report package that included a Balance Sheet and an Income Statement. I couldn’t easily verify the accuracy of the reports and was not provided analysis data such as sales by product/customer or budget to actual figures.

Your concerns and questions will include:

  • How do I get the information to you?
  • Can we share the file so I can do some of my own data entry?
  • Can I print up-to-date reports and view my information?
  • Are you insured for any loss?
  • Will my data be secure?
  • What about backup?
  • What reports and analysis can you send me and when?
  • What if I have questions?
  • How would payroll work?
  • How would we process credit card payments?
  • How can I keep my CPA in the loop?
  • What happens if I choose to bring my bookkeeping in-house later?
  • How far away can “off-site” be?

Here are the answers! (Please call with any additional questions.)

How do I get the information to you?
By fax, phone, email, courier service, postal service, UPS, Fed EX, we pick up or you deliver—whatever method is most convenient and cost effective for you.

Can we share the file so I can do some of my own data entry?
Yes. We want a solution that works for you.  There are a number of ways to do this.  Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors can utilize WebEx to log on to your system remotely (with your permission, of course).  We can also pass the file back and forth using DropBox.  Whatever is best for you is okay with us.

Can I can print up-to-date reports and view my information?
Yes. Technology has come a long way in solving this problem.   Again, DropBox is an easy solution for file sharing.  We can put the latest copy of your file in our shared DropBox as soon as we finish your work so that you’ll always have up-to-date data at your fingertips.

Are you insured for any loss?
We are fully covered for workers comp, general liability for data loss, and errors and omissions. Our signed Service Agreement with you insures that all insurance fully applies to the work we do for you. We will be happy to send you a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Will my data be secure?
All client data is protected and stored on a secure server.

What about backup?
All files are backed up daily to an external drive and a backup CD will be sent to you each month.

What reports and analysis can you send me and when?
In our first meeting or teleconference, we’ll discuss and design the reports that will be most useful for you to review internally on a routine basis. At a minimum, that will include a Profit & Loss Statement (various formats available); a Balance Sheet; Sales by Month, Product, Customer, or Sales Rep; Accounts Receivable Aging Report; Accounts Payable Aging Report; Budget to Actual Report (optional) and any other custom designed reports you need. You can also request special reports at any time.

What if I have questions?
A dedicated bookkeeper will be assigned to do your work and be your main point of contact for any questions. If that person is on vacation or unavailable, Linda or Jennifer will get the answer for you. We’ll also be happy to sit down (or telecommute) with you anytime to review your QuickBooks file. It’s your information and we want you to have access to it anytime.

How would payroll work?
We handle all payroll processing including producing paychecks, making payroll tax deposits, filing quarterly reports, sending out W-2’s and 1099’s. We can set up a paperless payroll utilizing direct deposits and emailed pay stubs. Timecards can be entered remotely through one of several third-party programs and downloaded into your QuickBooks file for creating paychecks and customer invoices.

How would we process credit card payments?
A number of options are available depending upon how you receive credit card information from the customer – customer comes to you with a card, or you receive the credit card information remotely by order form, phone, email, or website. We can process payments through QuickBooks, download the transactions from a merchant services provider, or enter the transactions from a report or your bank statement.

How can I keep my CPA in the loop?
We’ll send your CPA any needed reports/information (or a copy of your file) at any time per your request. We’ll also be available by phone or meeting to answer any additional questions he or she may have. Year-end reports will be available in plenty of time to meet tax filing deadlines. We’ll also confer with your CPA to ensure we’re aware of any unique state regulations that might apply to your business.

What happens if I choose to bring my bookkeeping in-house later?
No problem. We send or bring the latest copy of your file to you, make sure it is successfully installed on your computer, and provide any training you or an employee may need to assume responsibility for the work. Additionally, we’ll be available for questions or periodic reviews anytime per your request.

How far away can “off-site” be?
Are you rarely in your office because of travel? Living in the back country of Alaska (or any other state) or thinking of going to Florida for the winter, don’t worry! As long as your work can reach us by mail or email—-NO PROBLEM! Thanks to email and cell phones, we’ll be closer than your next door neighbor!

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been established for a number of years, we can help. Call us at: 612-235-3435 to discuss your needs. We will find the right solution for you!

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