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Congratulations on taking the next step to getting your new business set up and running. A good bookkeeping system is key to building your financial success BECAUSE it will provide you accurate, up-to-date performance measures. You won’t know what changes you should make or not make if you don’t know how you’re really doing!

We know that most new business owners have limited funds. Starting a new business requires spending money before you’re making money. It’s just a fact of business ownership. Because our mission is to help new businesses get started and grow successfully, we’ve taken a look at the products and services we provide our clients, and have looked for ways to help you get the invaluable tools you need as economically as possible. We don’t want you to be one of these business owners…

 Small Business Owner Brings in Boxes of Recipts to CPA on April 14th

Compiling a box of receipts at year-end isn’t a useful or appropriate system for a business. Your CPA will be horrified, and frankly, won’t hold much hope for your success because he or she knows that you’re not in control of your business. You have no idea how your business is doing if you don’t have a reliable system for bookkeeping in place!

We recommend QuickBooks to all our small business clients and nonprofits too. Our clients come from all kinds of industries, and our staff is made up of highly experience QuickBooks trainers, ProAdvisors, and professional bookkeepers. Bookkeeping systems and procedures, bookkeeping, small business management, training and QuickBooks are our specialties—so here’s our QuickStart! Program for New Businesses.

First, you’ll need QuickBooks software. QuickBooks Pro and Premier for the PC are the most frequently used software packages for small businesses. It’s been said that QB has 95% of the small business market, and for good reason. It’s very inexpensive and performs all the necessary bookkeeping functions a small business needs including payroll processing, inventory management, credit card processing—just to name a few.

You can to to http://quickbooks.intuit.com/product/accounting-software/small-business-software.jsp to see the family of available QuickBooks products. We recommend Pro or Premier for most small businesses. Go to http://quickbooks.intuit.com/product/accounting-software/quickbooks-comparison-chart.jsp to compare their features. That will help you select the right version for your business. If in doubt, call us and we’ll recommend the best solution for you—NO CHARGE FOR THE CALL!

Once you’ve decided, you can order the software through the affiliate link on our website with a 20% discount and FREE SHIPPING. Go to https://fiscalfoundations.com/ and click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the front page, and follow the instructions (or click on the icon below). If you have any difficulty, call us at 612-235-3435, and we will walk you through the process. Considering the cost of shipping, that’s about a 23% savings on QuickBooks software/shipping.

Click below to buy QuickBooks at
up to 20% off + Free Shipping!

As soon as you have the software, you’ll need a QuickBooks data file set up for your business. While QuickBooks is very user-friendly, we still recommend you get professional help with set up. The right set up, customized to your business, will improve your accuracy and efficiency, and ensure that you can stay in compliance with state and federal laws. Mistakes in taxes can be significant, even devastating. We’ve helped clients who have paid $9,000-$40,000 in penalties and interest because of mistakes in the set up of sales and use taxes. Those are mistakes that are hard to survive!

Setting up and customizing a new business file of a typical business can take up to 4 hours. That’s a value of $380. We’ve decided to do it for you for only $197.

Then you’ll need some training in how to maintain and revise your file (adding new accounts, new products/services, new clients, vendors and employees; designing and redesigning your invoices/sales receipts; adding new features you may need) to keep pace with the growing needs of your business. We recommend a minimum of 2 hours to start. That’s has a $190 value, but as part of this set up package, we’ll add it for only $100, saving you 47% on initial training. That will save you a total of 48% on setup and initial training! This is a $570 VALUE for only $297!

That’s a TOTAL SAVINGS on Set Up/Initial Training of 48%!

To complete getting your new bookkeeping system functioning and giving you the “numbers”, you need to know how to enter each type of transaction your business generates, and how to customize and print the reports that show you the results. Now you could take a general QuickBooks workshop, and we teach those too in Minnesota, but we feel our clients benefit more from customized personal training dealing only with what you need to learn. No point wasting your valuable time learning inventory if you’ll never have it. You need to spend your time developing your new business!
So I’d like to propose you add 4 more hours of personalized training to your QuickStart! package. You can schedule your training in one or two hour blocks whenever it’s convenient for you. At the end of your initial set up training, you can schedule the additional hours.

Now for more savings! This extra 4 hours of training is a $380 value, but because we think it is so critical to your success in using your accounting system, and want you to be able to take advantage of it, we’re going to offer it to you for $257. That’s a savings of 32%!

32% Savings on 4 additional hours of personalized training!

So, here’s the BOTTOM LINE on the QuickStart! Program (You can purchase any of the components individually):

• Software – Typical purchase $183.96-$319.96 plus tax
• Your file Set Up/Initial Training (2 hrs) – $297
• Additional Transaction/Report Training (4 hrs) – $257

BUT, I really recommend you purchase the whole package because we know from first-hand experience with some 500 clients during the past 17 years, that professional help with set up and sufficient training make the critical difference to getting on a fast track to achieving your dreams. We want to help you get a QuickStart! to success, not to failure.

If you purchase set up with training, and the additional training together now, we give you an additional $27 off, bringing your total value to $950 at the special cost to you of $527.

Timing of your order is important! Because we’re a small business just like you, we can’t offer this deep a discount for very long. We’ve invested substantially in our website/ecommerce site development, in training for internet marketing, in new product development. Consequently, we’ve decided that we can only offer this low price to the first 1000 new businesses placing their orders. After that number is reached, our prices will have to increase to recoup our investment.

QuickStart! QuickBooks Setup and Training Packages





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After completing the check out process, click on this link to download our New Biz Questionnaire:  FF Set Up Questionnaire PDF.  Download it to your computer and fill it out. As soon as you email your completed questionnaire at llogan@fiscalfoundations, we’ll set up your file and call you to schedule your training. We look forward to meeting you and hearing all about your new business!

Our best wishes for your success!

Linda Logan, President/Partner/QuickBooks ProAdvisor – llogan@fiscalfoundations.com
Jennifer Heifort, Vice President/Partner – jheifort@fiscalfoundations.com