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An offer from Linda Logan, President and Founding Partner, Fiscal Foundations, LLC

I’m sure you’ve seen this scenario before! Tax season is fA Year End Checklistast approaching! Like you, we know working with small businesses has its challenges. Their bookkeeping and tax work isn’t overly complicated, but most small business owners start their businesses with very little bookkeeping knowledge. AND being on a tight budget, they are reluctant to seek professional help.

Fiscal Foundations is a QuickBooks training and bookkeeping services company. We’ve been helping small businesses become more successful since 1994:

• Teaching them QuickBooks software and bookeeping fundamentals

• Helping them set up their bookkeeping systems and procedures

• Training owners and staff to do bookkeeping and to understand their financial data

• Doing the bookkeeping for them on-site or off-site

• Periodically reviewing their books for completeness and accuracy

• Providing tech support for QuickBooks and answering questions

• Taking their use of QuickBooks from GOOD TO GREAT!

Our goal is to ensure they manage their businesses more effectively and have CPA-ready books at year-end, making your job of preparing tax returns more efficient.

Fiscal Foundations does not prepare tax returns. We are trainers, consultants, professional bookkeepers, and QuickBooks ProAdvisors. We partner with CPA firms in a number of ways. Our clients ask us for referrals to CPA’s for tax planning and preparation; and we refer them to CPA’s we know and have worked with. We’d like to become one of your referral partners. Here are some ways we can get acquainted with each other:

• Let’s have coffee! We would like to meet with you to discuss your services and ours and explore how we can help each other. Our treat!

• We offer FREE QuickBooks Workshops through If you have a conference room for 10-25 people, you can sponsor a free workshop and invite your small business clients. We’ll invite all our clients and meetup group participants too. The more they learn about QuickBooks, the better the quality of the records and reports they will give you. We cover the basics and provide opportunity for them to ask their specific QuickBooks questions. In addition to our introductory QuickBooks workshop, we offer a special year-end workshop called Wrap It Up! Wrap It Up! includes our four page year-end checklist of everything the business owner needs to do in QuickBooks before sending you their reports or Accountant’s Copy. You’ll start off the workshop, introduce all of us, talk about the services you offer, and answer any tax questions they have. Your presentation could be 15-60 minutes. You decide. Small businesses always appreciate free information, especially when it can help improve their bottom line. Not only will you be providing extra value to your existing clients, you’ll meet potential new clients. You can select which workshop to offer!

• If you don’t provide in-house bookkeeping services, we’re happy to perform that service for you. We can be your “back office” with you paying our fees and invoicing your clients for our bookkeeping services along with your tax preparation fees. We have a standard fee rate. You’re welcome to add whatever up-charge you feel will be acceptable to your clients.

• If you prefer not to be involved with the bookkeeping, simply refer the client to us for set up, training, and bookkeeping services. We’ll do the work, invoice the client, and make sure you receive complete and accurate books for tax preparation.

•We have one more idea for you! That four-page year-end checklist I mentioned? We have an eBook that contains this checklist and complete how-to instructions. We offer this as a downloadable PDF file on our website,, at a ridiculously low price of $9.97. Last week, as I was attempting to think outside the box, it occurred to me that this eBook would be a great gift for CPA’s to give to their small business clients! Business owners will appreciate receiving specific instructions on what they need to do at year-end. And wouldn’t it be great for you to receive a QuickBooks file with a properly closed year-end rather than the dreaded box! We will put the eBook on a CD and package it so it’s ready to mail! All you have to do is add a mailing label and postage! As a BONUS, we’ll add a recording of our Wrap It Up! workshop presentation and a printable copy of the checklist for your clients to use.

We look forward to meeting you before tax season officially begins!  We wish you a happy and profitable tax season!



Inital Package of 10: [cart-button item=”e-1004″ ]

Additional Packages of 10: [cart-button item=”e-1005″ ]

Minimum order is a package of 10 for $59.97. Additional packages of 10 are $49.97. This includes shipping. For any questions, call us at: (612) 235-3435.

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