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Easy Invoicing
Create and send invoices right from QuickBooks, with a Pay Now link so customers can pay you instantly online or on a mobile device.

Send invoices from QuickBooks
Email custom invoices to your customers right from QuickBooks.

Flexible payment preferences
You decide if you’d like your customers to pay you by bank transfer or credit card.

Customers can pay instantly
When customers receive your email, they can pay you right away online or from their mobile devices.

More Payment Options
You’ll never miss another payment. Accept payments by credit card, check or ACH/bank transfer. It’s all easily processed for you right in QuickBooks. Now you can accept credit cards, checks or “e-checks” (ACH).

Processing right in QuickBooks
Swipe or key-in credit cards or scan and key-in checks.

Easily see who’s paid
See the status of your transactions with the Income Tracker.

Mobile Payments
View and send invoices on your mobile device with QuickBooks GoPayment

Accept payments on the go
Use your GoPayment card reader to swipe cards right on your mobile device.

Cards approved instantly
With the free GoPayment app, process payments right on the spot.

Seamless QuickBooks Integration
Easily download all your mobile transactions directly into QuickBooks.

1.QuickBooks Payments accounts are subject to credit and application approval. See the Merchant Agreement for complete terms and conditions, including additional pricing information. To apply, you must be eligible under our Acceptable Use Policy. Terms, conditions, prices, payment, features and services are subject to change. Visit for more information. Ability to accept credit card and ACH payments through the Intuit Payment Network (IPN) may require separate application. Visit for more information. 

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GoPayments – Works Seamlessly with Desktop and Online.

Takes all payment types

Accept and record all credit card transactions using our mobile credit card reader for your phone. Or, you can enter credit card details and record cash or check payments with the mobile app.

Mobile credit card processing made easy

QuickBooks GoPayment does all of the credit card processing in the background for you. It also records the transaction in your books so that you can manage and track all of your payments.

Always in sync

All of your transactions, including mobile credit card transactions, automatically sync with QuickBooks and Intuit Point of Sale products to keep your records accurate and up-to-date.

Get paid quickly… anywhere, anytime

Your customer signs right on your device to authorize the payment. Then you can email or text a receipt to your customer. Accepting a payment takes just a few taps from start to finish.

Do it your way

• Customize your receipts to include your logo, store info, social media links, and a personalized message.
• Add a list of items you frequently sell, including prices and photos.
• Create quick orders from your items or enter custom amounts.
• Make it easy for customers to include a tip on a credit card payment.
• What if your customer doesn’t have their credit card handy? Tap in cash or check transactions to record them.

Run your business

• Add up to 50 users to accept payments on behalf of your business.
• Use the online service center to accept, refund, or review credit card transactions.
• Track daily and weekly sales goals on your Apple Watch, and track the time of day you make the most sales.
• Enjoy safe, encrypted credit card processing.
• Sync transactions to QuickBooks for hassle-free small business bookkeeping.

Need a mobile card reader for your phone or tablet? Click here to purchase.

Take 3 easy steps to get started

1 – Download the free GoPayment app.
2 – Complete the application.
3 – Get approved.

You’re good to go! You can start accepting credit card payments even before your card reader arrives.

Available for iOS and Android

• Install the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch app via the iTunes App Store
• Install the Android app via Google Play

POS Payments

Credit card and debit payments that are fully integrated with your cash register and inventory

Works with QuickBooks Desktop2

Save time by having your data sync with QuickBooks Desktop. Payment reconciliation is now available too. Reduce double entries.

Flexible rate options

Easy-to-understand rates that fit your business and no long-term contracts.

Protected payments3

QuickBooks POS is EMV ready and designed to help support updated payment technology for greater data protection.

Accept credit and debit cards

Accept payments from Visa,
MasterCard, Discover, American
Express and debit cards.

No setup or termination fees

Never worry. You won’t pay extra
fees for setup or termination.

Reduce double entries

Inventory is updated
when you make a sale and data is
synced with QuickBooks.

Desktop Payments

Seamless Integration with QuickBooks Desktop

Store and Sync

With Payments, automatically store and sync all your payment details within QuickBooks Desktop.

Your Time Matters

Accept all forms of payments with QuickBooks Desktop Payment Processing to get paid quickly and on time.

 Reconciliation Made Easy

Harmonize your payments and accounting solutions so that you can quickly fix errors and see your cash flow.

QuickBooks Online Payments

Making sure you get paid is our priority.

Get paid faster
Send smart invoices that your customers can pay in an instant. Anytime, anywhere.

Free bank transfers
Save time with free bank transfers—no more paper checks, transaction fees or hectic bank runs.

You’re in control
Give your customers the freedom to pay their way by accepting all credit cards and free bank transfers.

Track invoices and get paid, automatically.

Easily track invoices
Real-time alerts let you know when customers view and pay invoices.

Effortlessly stay in touch
Automated, personalized reminders let your customers know payment is due.

Save time with smart invoicing
Accept payments right in the invoice. QuickBooks automatically matches payments with invoices.

Get paid on time
Afraid your client isn’t going to pay in time? Send reminders, and track if they’ve opened and read your invoices!

Ecommerce Payments

Accept credit cards in your web store.

Easily integrate QuickBooks with Shopify, Bigcommerce, or other web stores to accept credit card payments for your products.

Make a sale and QuickBooks will make it easy to get paid.
Security and fraud prevention
Secure 128-bit SSL encryption, plus card security fraud prevention

Simple setup
Easily connect your QuickBooks account to any compatible web store, and the rest is a snap.

When you make a sale, QuickBooks processes the payment, records the transaction, calculates sales tax, creates a sales receipt – and more, all automatically.

Get custom logos to help market your products
Display credit card logos on your web store to help increase your sales by letting customers know you accept credit card payments.

How ecommerce payments processing works

1. Choose a vendor
Pick a web store service from our recommended ecommerce vendors. Popular web stores include Shopify and Bigcommerce.

2. Connect your account
Your ecommerce vendor will provide instructions for linking your web store to your QuickBooks account.

3. Start accepting credit cards
Your customers can now pay for goods and services directly from your web store. The payment is processed, tracked, and deposited to your bank account for you.

Compatible Ecommerce Stores

Ecommerce store providers with optimal payments integration


Additional common ecommerce store providers

Other ecommerce web store providers…
Miva Merchants

Pro Stores

Network Solutions

PinnacleCart, Design Cart










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