Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM)

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Worry less about work order status, technician productivity and receivables. Intuit Field Service Management ES simplifies your business and gives you more control over your people, customers, cash flow and costs. Best of all, it works seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to keep your financial and field service data in sync.

Intuit Field Service Management ES tells you who is doing what and where, providing:

  • Real-time updates from the field
  • Efficient job scheduling
  • On-the-spot invoicing

But that’s not all. With Intuit Field Service Management ES, you’ll also be able to:

Quickly shuffle schedules
Scheduling (or rescheduling) work orders couldn’t be easier. Field Service Management ES empowers dispatchers with a dashboard full of information, including each technician’s work orders, location, and status. Reassignment and reschedules are fast and easy: When a tech runs late, simply drag and drop the work order to assign the order to a new technician.

Get a bird’s-eye view of the work performed
With Field Service Management ES, you know what each technician is working on, the status, and the duration of the job. You’ll also be privy to the technician’s arrival time, travel time, and hours clocked. View and edit job details with just a click of the mouse.

Equipment service data improves first-time fix rate
Store all of the customers, contacts, and equipment information you’ll need in order to do the job right the first time. Before a job in the field starts, your technicians will know the service history of the equipment at hand. Valuable information at the fingertips of your technicians means better first-time fix rates — and happier customers.

Wireless work orders cut paper hassles
Break through the paper bottleneck. With Field Service Management ES, you can trade in your clipboards for our mobile app running on your Apple and Android phones and tablets — so you control processes and information better. That means immediate information on work orders and technician schedules as well as fast rescheduling. Real-time access to customer history helps you make smarter decisions in the field.

Schedule efficiently with GPS and mapping
Integration with Google Maps1 allows you to track your workers and locate customer sites easily. The ability to easily shuf

fle work orders allows you to minimize travel time and get more done each day.

QuickBooks Integration

Merchant Services
Save time and improve cash flow by processing payments in the field using the Field Service Management ES mobile app with the QuickBooks Merchant Services integration.2 When you process payments with QuickBooks Merchant Services, the payment will be automatically associated with the invoice in QuickBooks.

Advanced Inventory
Track truck and warehouse inventory through Enterprise’s exclusive Advanced Inventory integration. When you set up Advanced Reporting to manage truck inventory, inventory placed on an invoice is reduced in the invoice synchronization process, eliminating the need to reconcile later.


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Time Card
Service Agreement
Number of users1$35$15.00$15.00
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Number of users40$31$13.33$13.33

Service Agreement

Optional Module

The Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM) add-on Service Agreement Module provides an excellent way to proactively provide preventative maintenance and service agreement work on your customers’ equipment. If you are tired of XLS files and yellow sticky notes, you should consider adding the Service Agreement Module to your IFSM software subscription. This module makes life so much easier for your office, your field techs, and your accounting department! And your customers are happy because you catch and proactively fix their equipment.

Benefits of adding the Service Agreement Module

  • Capture and access Preventative Maintenance (PM) contract terms such as: equipment information, service intervals, billing, and customer discount details in one system to ensure that the contract is easily fulfilled.
  • Preventative Maintenance work orders (PMs) are auto-created
    PMs can be auto-assigned to a preferred technician, or left for assignment later based on availability, location, and required skills.
  • Prepare and schedule PM visits proactively for optimal efficiency and quicker turn-around so that even slow times are profitable.
  • Captures time stamps and GPS locations of work order actions.


Time Cards

Optional Module

Easy-to-use time cards on each field technician’s mobile phone eliminate time card errors and validate the technician’s location at clock-in and clock-out. Never wait for time cards to come in again, because they’re already in your system. Field Service Management creates GPS-stamped “when” and “where” for each time card, so you spend less time reviewing and approving them. Use QuickBooks and Field Service Management together to reduce manual data entry and manual time cards. Capture your staff’s hours directly from the field, and cut your payroll processing time and work when timesheets are uploaded into QuickBooks.

  • The Time Card module integrates with QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier/Enterprise. The module does not integrate with QuickBooks Online.