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We have the experience you need to convert your accounting software to or from any version of QuickBooks, improve the accuracy and ease-of-use of your QuickBooks file, or simply get you caught up.

Even if you have a person to do your bookkeeping already on staff, our consultants can support them, provide oversight*, and/or simply take on the tasks that your current staff doesn’t have the time to do or is beyond their experience level.

Most companies and nonprofits do not need a full time controller and it isn’t cost-effective to have one. Our highly experienced ProAdvisors and Professional Bookkeeping Consultants can handle those kinds of responsibilities at a significantly lower cost than hiring an employee.

Once you’ve worked with us, you’ll be provided the cell phone number of your consultant. They will only be a phone call away when they are needed. Pay only for the time you use.

*In today’s world, checks and balances need to be built into any record-keeping system. Fiscal Foundations highly recommends that you have more than one person who understands bookkeeping looking at your books on a regular basis. This can include your CPA, Fiscal Foundations, you or a member of your current staff.