Paying too much for credit card processing?

Tips for saving on credit card processing fees…

o Many processors, including Intuit will allow you to get a review and potentially a discount every six to twelve months. Criteria for a discount is often based upon an increase in your processing volume. If it has significantly increased, then ask what can be done and negotiate a better deal.

o Use the system made for your software. Time is money. Having to do double entry is time consuming and inefficient.

o Look for hidden fees. Published rates are only part of the story. Compare the overall price, including all fees. With a copy of your statement, our Intuit rep can offer an apples-to-apples comparison of what you would pay with Intuit Payments verses your existing processor.

o Swipe transactions, if possible. Swiped rates are lower. Add ‘Go Payment’ for payments on the go, at the client site or anywhere. Ask us about getting a card reader rebate with new service.

o Help reduce the potential for fraud. Have complete and accurate customer data. Use a card reader with chip technology for swiped payments.

o Getting paid faster is better. Check to see how long it takes for the money to get into your account after processing. This can vary greatly depending upon your credit card processor and the card type used. Typically, AMEX takes longer (except with Intuit).

o Work with someone you can trust. As an Intuit Premier Reseller and Solution Provider, our rates are often better than going through Intuit Direct (plus you won’t have to wait on hold, navigate their phone tree, get transferred multiple times or speak with someone from out of the country). We have a specific Payments Rep assigned to us from Intuit. He is US-based and only works with payments customers and prospects. I’ve met him in person several times and he is very easy to work with. Having a direct contact who knows you and your business is a much better way to go.

o Additional discounts are available for those with a new QuickBooks Enterprise subscription.
There is absolutely no obligation to get a quote. Just give us a call at: 612-868-2800 or send an email to us at:, and we will have our Intuit Payments Rep reach out to you.

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