One-On-One Training

One-on-One Training


One option you might consider is one-on-one training, showing you how to do the work you need done on your computer. It is by far the most efficient and easiest way to learn QuickBooks. We teach at whatever pace you are comfortable with and work with everyone from beginners to long-time users of the program.

We train on all versions of Quickbooks, including Pro, Premier, QuickBooks for Mac, Online, industry-specific versions, POS and Enterprise.

While QuickBooks is more intuitive than other accounting software programs, there are some elements that can be quite confusing to a new or even more experienced user. It is much cheaper to make sure that your information is entered correctly than to go back and fix problems later. If you or someone on your staff wants to do some or all of the bookkeeping, this service is an absolute must.

We come to you and show you just what you need to know. In a group class with a number of different types of businesses, you may be learning elements of QuickBooks that you don’t need or perhaps elements you do need may not be covered. Our one-on-one training is customized for your business.

Once you’ve completed your training, we are always available to you. You’ll be given their mobile phone number that you can call when you have questions or need advice. Plus, we never charge for 5 minute phone calls or answering emails!