Our ultimate mission, as QuickBooks® ProAdvisors, accounting and business consultants, is to help new entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses to achieve the dreams they have envisioned for themselves, their families, and for the world, as they bring forth new ideas, products and technologies. Our work is vitally important to building and strengthening the middle class, maintaining a healthy economy, and supporting the American Dream! We are experts in QuickBooks® software and accounting, but more importantly, we are teachers, advisors, and an inspiration to our clients!

Fiscal Foundations and partners, Linda Logan and Jennifer Heifort, invite you get in on the ground level of a new opportunity to earn commissions and gain new clients. All you need is a website to which you can add an AFFILIATE LINK to our upcoming new program Build Your Business…Live Your Dream! We’ll do the rest and send you commissions!

If you’d also like to join our Support Team consulting with program participants, let us know! The first 100 ProAdvisors to say "YES!” will qualify for an extra 10% in commissions! If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity and increase your income with no investment on your part, email or call Ben McWhorter at ben@fiscalfoundations.com, 612-868-2800 or Linda Logan at llogan@fiscalfoundations.com, 612-387-8619. Send us an email with your questions such as those listed below. I look forward to meeting you and telling you more about our program and what we hope to accomplish through it.

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