Intuit Payments – Get paid faster

Intuit Payments – The tools and flexibility to get paid.

Take payment by debit, credit, Apple Pay, phone order, or bank transfer.

Most consumers these days pay using debt and credit cards for purchasing goods and services. Cash and checks are becoming less and less common in the marketplace.

Credit and debit cards have gained popularity because consumers love the security and convenience and business owners love the security and digital transaction record.

If your company typically has customers who pay by a mailed check, a credit card transaction is quite a bit faster.

I ask you to consider that rather than waiting for checks to arrive, your client could pay via credit card using auto-pay through QuickBooks Payments.

This is not only convenient for the client; it is a way for the business to have more control over cash-flow.

Add the Go-Payment app and get paid when completing the job. With Intuit payments, money is often your bank account the very next day, even with American Express.

There is absolutely no obligation to get a quote. Just give us a call at: 612-868-2800 or send an email to us at:, and we will have our Intuit Payments Rep reach out to you.


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