Free QuickBooks Workshops

Free QuickBooks Workshops

Join us for a FREE Quickbooks workshop! Each month we provide at least one free QuickBooks class somewhere in the Twin Cities, and now also in St. Cloud, MN. We are also offering them remotely.

In addition to our QuickBooks 101 class, we offer workshops throughout the year that focus on more specific accounting topics such as payroll, job costing, financial reports, inventory, preparing for year-end, etc…

What are some of the QuickBooks classes offered?:

  • Running your Business or Nonprofit with QuickBooks® 101 (this class offers a basic overview of QuickBooks and its capabilities).
  • Wrap it Up- A Year End Checklist
  • Understanding Key Financial Reports
  • QuickBooks® for Effective Nonprofit Management & Governance
  • QuickBooks for Lawyers
  • QuickBooks for Construction – With emphasis on Job Costing
  • QuickBooks® Q&A Roundtable
  • Payroll 101
  • QuickBooks® for CPA’s.
  • Understanding Cash Flow
  • And many more…

Who teaches the classes?

All of the workshops are presented by Fiscal Foundations Quickbooks training staff.

What is a ‘meetup’?

A ‘meetup’ is an event that is posted on Fiscal Foundations ‘meetups’ are free and low cost seminars, workshops, classes and group training events where we teach about QuickBooks® and its capabilities as well as other bookkeeping-related topics. Our ‘meetup’ group is called FREE QUICKBOOKS WORKSHOP in Minneapolis/St Paul and FREE QUICKBOOKS CLASSES in St. Cloud. Using allows us to plan and promote events easily and with little cost.

Who are the classes for?

Our meetup group is for business owners, managers, nonprofit directors and employees to gather and learn about QuickBooks and its capaibilities, as well as network with other business owners.

How do I sign up?

Go to FREE QUICKBOOKS WORKSHOP for the Twin Cities MN or FREE QUICKBOOKS CLASSES for St. Cloud and Central, MN. Sign up for the group and then RSVP ‘Yes’ to the workshops you’d like to attend. New classes are added each month. Once you are in the group, you’ll automatically be notified of each upcoming workshop. If you need help navigating the site or if you are having trouble signing up, please contact us at: 612-235-3435 or email us at



Why do we do this?

Fiscal Foundations is jointly owned by Linda Logan and Jennifer Heifort, both former school teachers. Teaching is in our blood and this group provides us an opportunity to share our knowledge and fulfill our mission to help small businesses and non profit organizations succeed.

Oh come on… What’s the catch?

There is no catch. While you will have the opportunity to meet several of the accounting consultants at Fiscal Foundations, this will not be a sales pitch. All we ask in return is that you keep us in mind for your future bookkeeping, QuickBooks consulting and training needs. We are offering real content and amazing value for your time investment. Come and learn with no strings attached.

How can you do this for free?

In order to provide free classes, we rely on our generous sponsors to provide space and refreshments. Please let me know if you are intrested in becoming a sponsor.