From Linda RE: Courses

INTRODUCTION – Who we are and why we’ve developed this curriculum; the outcomes you can expect


  1. Owning Your Own Business Can Change Your Life
  2. Starting with the Big Picture
  3. Developing Your Business Model
  4. Checking Out the Market – Who are the customers and what are they buying now?
  5. Evaluating Competitors’ Products and Services
  6. Designing Your Products and Services to Meet Customers’ Desired Outcomes and Features
  7. Developing a Marketing Plan & Sales Projections
  8. Selecting the Team to Help Start Your Business
  9. Identifying the Resources You’ll Need
  10. Selecting a Business Entity
  11. Cash Flow Projection – How much cash will you need and when will you have it?
  12. Writing Your Business Plan
  13. Understanding Financial Management – The #1 Secret to Your Success!
  14. Mastering the Basics of Small Business Accounting
  15. Setting Up an Easy-to-Use Bookkeeping System
  16. Entering Your First Financial Transactions
  17. Tracking Sales Transactions
  18. Managing Accounts Receivables
  19. Checks and Cash Cards
  20. Sales and Use Taxes
  21. Employees and Payroll
  22. Subcontractors
  23. Managing Inventory
  24. Manufacturing – Creating Finished Products from Raw Materials or Components
  25. Job Costing in the Construction Industry
  26. Special Nonprofit Accounting Needs – Tracking for Grants & Programs
  27. How Financial Reports Guide Effective Management Decisions
  28. CPA-Ready Books at Year-End

Each course will include:

  • Interactive video content so they can move through course at own speed and keeps viewer engaged
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Links to apps, demos, articles, etc.
  • Links to Fiscal website to order products
  • Links to purchase services (How Can We Help You? Page to include File setup/with Go To Meeting conversation; Support Hours prepaid in blocks of time, CPA Ready Books Review, etc)
  • Ability to email questions/comments



  • Registration form with all contact info:  Name, Company, Position, Mailing Address, Email Address, Phone, Course Options Desired, Brief Questionnaire about their knowledge and experience with business/accounting
  • Some form of design your own curriculum:  basic module set plus optional modules
  • Agreement for copyright right protection, not sharing program with anyone else (no access unless registered user),  not selling their data, confidentiality, etc.
  • Accommodate an Affiliate Program, so we can generate a report as to which clients come from which affiliate and pay affiliate commissions.
  • Sign up for webinars page – will have variety of topics for webinars – some live, some prerecorded – some free; some may have a charge or access charge
  • Affiliate link to reports that  show their sales and commissions
  • Internet  Marketing Program - Sales pages leading up to purchase