– Branch Manager


This communication is directed to:

  • QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors or Advanced Certified ProAdvisors
  • Professional or certified bookkeepers
  • Accountants
  • CPA’s

My partner and I are looking for “just the right person”—someone who is at the right time and right place in life to be interested in and intrigued by the ground level opportunity we are offering—to open and grow a new branch office for Fiscal Foundations, LLC. We know that person is a member of one of these groups.

I’m hoping you’ll take a few minutes out of your busy day to read this and discover if this offer holds possibility for you! Let me make a 20-year story short, and if you are interested, you can read more detail. Then, if you’re excited about this opportunity and believe it would fit your dreams and goals, email me with your questions and comments at llogan@fiscalfoundations.com.

After 10 years of enjoying operating this business by myself, I maxed out the amount of income I could personally produce. Referrals continued to flow in, but I simply had no more hours in the day. I tried hiring an employee or subcontractor to increase my client base, but because I had no structure or benefits to retain them, they quit as soon as a better offer came along. Given I was already fully booked, I couldn’t takeover their clients’ work too. Apparently I’d have to come up with a different plan if I was to serve client needs and grow the business.

At the beginning of 2006, my business partner and I hired a staff of bookkeepers and accountants in Minnesota as our client base increased. In the first two years, we tripled the annual revenue and number of clients it took me 10 years to achieve alone. We’ve also built a complete infrastructure to support multiple branch offices across the country.

We’re in this business because we love the idea of small business, the idea of people realizing their dreams for independence, achievement and financial security. We’re committed to improving the success rate of small business, a segment of the American economy that employs 58% of the American workforce, produces 40% of the gross national product, and represents our best hope for maintaining a strong middle class.

If you have an existing bookkeeping business and want to grow beyond where you are, managing a branch office and integrating your existing client base into Fiscal Foundations could make it possible for you to:

  • Create a much larger business without incurring the costs or risks yourself. (Costs include organization costs, advertising and marketing, insurance, hiring, employee benefits, IT systems and software.)
  • Grow the business faster with sales and marketing support and plans provided by Jennifer, the VP/Partner.
  • Serve more clients through managing a staff
  • Multiply your client base through referrals because every bookkeeper/ProAdvisor/consultant is essentially a salesperson too.
  • Increase your income by earning sales and management commissions based on total branch revenue as well as your personal delivery commissions.
  • Benefit from company provided medical and dental insurance.
  • Work independently and set your own work schedule.
  • Enjoy the same flexibility as owning your own business.
  • Balance family and work life to your satisfaction.
  • If your spouse has to relocate or you decide to move to a warmer climate, start a new branch in that city.
  • Work as many years as you like. No retirement required. Age and experience are a plus in our business.

If your own an accounting or CPA firm, you should know that Fiscal Foundations does not compete with your business. We work in partnership with you. Many of our referrals come from CPA’s who have small business clients needing help with set up, training and maintenance of their bookkeeping—tasks most CPA’s prefer not to do and they may not want to hire bookkeeping staff, especially with all the recent legislation mandating separation of the bookkeeping and tax preparation functions. A Fiscal Foundations office could serve as a fine companion business to your firm since both companies serve the same client base, and you certainly have all the relevant expertise and management skill to manage a branch office.

If you are interested in exploring further, please read on. Make a list of your questions, ideas, thoughts and send us an email. Jen or I will get back to you. This may seem like a rather unorthodox method for finding a branch manager, but we believe our chances of finding the right person are increased by going right to those people who already know and are successful in this business. We’re creating a unique and fun business that makes an incredible difference in the lives and success of small business owners. We’re their first call for help when it comes to bookkeeping and they can depend on us as long as they need support. If you share our commitment and would like to take on a new entrepreneurial adventure, we’d love to talk with you!

If you are an interested, qualified candidate, please email your detailed resume to info@fiscalfoundations.com.