Payroll Feedback


I  am an active member of the Intuit Payroll Council. Being on the council I have the unique opportunity to speak with those in charge of Intuit Payroll and Intuit’s software developers on a regular basis. I welcome any suggestions and constructive feedback on all aspects of any Intuit Payroll product. As a council member,…

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QuickBooks Online Payroll Options

Core payroll

  For those who use QuickBooks Online Essentials, Plus or Advanced you have a choice of three options for payroll: Core, Premium and Elite – Feature Comparison All QBO Payroll versions are full-service payroll, on par with Assisted Payroll for Desktop. This means that they include automated tax payments and forms.     QBO Payroll…

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I’ve Hired My First Employee, Now What?


Congratulations! Hiring staff is a big step and a big responsibility. You are now in charge of someone else’s livelihood, which is a daunting thought. Your company is growing, and it isn’t just about you anymore. Hire well. Your employees represent you and your company. Making the right hiring choices can make or break you.…

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What is the difference between Enhanced and Assisted Payroll?

  Intuit Enhanced Payroll and Assisted Payroll are the two versions of Payroll available from Intuit for QuickBooks. It works with all desktop accounting software versions which include: Pro, Premier and Enterprise. QBO (QuickBooks online) has its own lineup of payroll products which I will cover in another blog. Intuit Enhanced Payroll is an inexpensive…

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Why Should I use QuickBooks Payroll?

QuickBooks has various payroll solutions that are made to work with QuickBooks accounting software, creating a fully integrated system. Logging into only one system eliminates the need for double entry and reduces errors. QuickBooks Desktop and Online Payroll products are easy to use. However, I do recommend getting help with setup, especially if you offer…

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